Beginner’s Yoga
A slower version of Flow, this class emphasises the importance of finding the right adaptation for each pose while accepting the current state your body, breath and mind.  This is the first step in reclaiming them. No matter your stage, yoga begins with strong foundation.
Suitable for all levels.

Flow/Slow Flow/Vinyasa
Vinyasa or ‘Flow’ systems of yoga emphasise riding your movements with the breath. Like the bliss a surfer feels catching a wave, a similar mood is found in these classes. The breath moves you into the pose. There you meditate on the balance between effort and relaxation. The teacher gives cues and hands on assistance while guiding you through the sequence. Though this class will challenge you initially you soon discover that its benefits go far beyond great health.
Experience beneficial but not essential.

Yin is an extremely relaxing form of modern yoga. Its roots are in Hatha and Taoist yoga traditions, but it wasn’t until the late 70s that a former marital artist created this system to ease the tensions of overworked muscles and joints. Yin includes mostly lying and seated postures held for up to 5 minutes, during this, you’ll be guided through ways to observe and profoundly release tensions on your own while going through a progressive hip, back and shoulder opening sequence. With bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps, buckle in for some deeply therapeutic postures that ease the stresses of body and mind.
Suitable for all levels.

Yin & Yang
This is a half dynamic - half relaxing class that starts with a flowing sequence before we settle to more relaxing yin postures with bolsters, blocks and blankets.
Suitable for all levels.

Whatever the activity – correct technique is key! Alignment while in a pose is the main focus here and will benefit anyone on the quest for good posture. It involves standing, seated and inverted postures done at a level appropriate to you. Practitioners of all styles will benefit from this class. If you’ve ever been unsure about how a pose gets built, you’ll find joy in the finer details that put the puzzle pieces together.
Suitable for all levels.