All Day Breakfast

 Sourdough Jaffles

 1 .Banana, peanut butter, tahini & flaked coconut                    $8.50

 2. Roasted veg medley, spinach, vegan pesto & vegan persian fetta $10.50                                                                            

 3. House-made beans with chilli, vegan pesto & spinach           $10.50                                                                                       add smashed avocado $3.00

 Sourdough Fruit Toast with vegan butter & sliced strawberries          $8.50    

 Banana & Walnut Loaf served toasted with maple, tahini & sliced banana $9.50

 Smashed Avo served on toasted sourdough, cherry tomatoes & vegan persian fetta                                                                    $16.50 (GF)

add house-made pesto $3.00

 Acai Bowl blended with mango, banana & acai, topped with house-made choc PB granola, seasonal fruit & protein ball (contains peanuts) (GF)   $15.50


Falafel Wrap with hummus, spinach, quinoa, carrot, tahini & avocado served toasted                                                                                     $11.50

add chilli hommus $2.00

 Slim Jim curried brown rice, quinoa, lentils, sweet potato, spinach & bean tortilla wrap served toasted                                   $11.50

add coco relish $3.00

 Lentil Burger with house-made chipotle, smashed avo, carrot, spinach & red pepper served toasted       $12.50

 Mexican Bowl with sweet potato queso & brown rice base, topped with house chipotle, vegan sour cream, smashed avocado & organic yellow corn chips (GF)                                                    $15.50

 Handmade Potato Gnocchi with napoli, fresh basil, vegan persian fetta & vegan pesto                     $15.50


Raw Veggie Thai Noodle Salad with purple cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, spring onion, coriander, chilli, tofu & house-made peanut, ginger + lime dressing (GF)                                                                                            $15.50

Brown Rice Happy Bowl with beans, sweet potato, avo, spanish onion, cherry toms, sprouts, toasted pepitas & lemon (GF)                                                      $15.50


Cold Drinks

Kombucha with lemon wedge                          $5.50

Iced Little Rebel’ Latte with house-made almond mylk                                   $6.50

Iced ‘Rye Chai’ Latte with house-made almond mylk $6.50

Iced ‘Little Rebel’ Cold Drip Coffee with cocoquench mylk $6.00

Freshly Squeezed Juice                                   choose your mix (orange, apple, carrot, ginger or lemon)                                                         

small $7.00 large $10.00


Pineapple Express coconut water, green apple, pineapple, mango & raspberries (GF)                                     small $7.00 large $10.00

Green Happy Digestion coconut water, spinach, mango, ginger, pineapple & banana (GF)                         small $9.00 large $12.00

Blueberry Muffin almond mylk, blueberries, banana, lemon, ginger, oats & rice-malt (omit oats for GF) small $9.00 large $12.00

Protein Punch almond mylk, banana, cacao, peanut butter, dates, chia & vegan pea protein powder (GF)       small $9.00 large $12.00


Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks

Little Rebel Coffee "Simon the Likeable" Blend                              cup $4.00 mug$5.00                                                                        extra shot, decaf 50c                                                   house-made almond mylk or bonsoy $1.00                                                    rebel cashew mylk  $1.50

Teelixr Superfood Mushroom Powders add a scope to your coffee $1    Chaga - boosts immunity                                                                      Cordycepts - adrenal health

Organic ‘Rabbit Hole’ Loose Leaf Tea by the pot ginger, mint, green, grey, or breakfast                                               $4.50

Chilli Hot Chocolate raw cacao, cinnamon, reishi, & cayenne pepper with house-made almond mylk     cup $5.50 mug $6.50

Sugar Free Vegan Hot Chocolate, with house-made almond mylk                                               cup $5.50 mug $6.50

‘Golden Grind’ Tumeric Latte with house-made almond mylk                                                    cup $5.50 mug $6.50

‘Rye Chai’ Wet Chai Latte with house-made almond mylk cup $5.50 mug $6.50

‘Matcha Co’ Latte with house-made almond mylk             cup $5.50 mug $6.50