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Nerissa is a qualified Vinyasa Yoga teacher with a true passion for working with women. Her teaching focuses on pranayama (yogic breathing) and the importance of breathing with movement. Nerissa goes to great lengths to teach her students the correct and proper positioning and body alignment for each asana (yoga pose) - as I believe a strong yoga practice begins at the beginning, with a strong basic structure.

Nerissa loves working with people to provide an outcome- whether it be to gain physical flexibility and strength, experience emotional, physical or stress release, or simply to create a stronger feeling of connection through body and mind.

Nerissa will be running a Slow Flow class and a private Prenatal Yoga & Birth Preparation Workshop - which has proven to be very popular. After birthing her first child (and second due in July) naturally, with the assistance of my Pranayama and asana practice, Nerissa realised the true need for women to grow skills in how to control their breath and body, to assist them in naturally birthing their baby, and growing true trust in their body’s ability to do so.

Nerissa teaches the connection of trust, personal practice and outcome. And if you truly believe in yourself, and are taught how to control your mind through breathing, positive affirmation and mindful meditation your whole being will carry strength; letting go of any conditioning or fear associated with birth- and most importantly, acceptance of the birth of the mother within you.

‘A whole new woman is born within the mother, the moment her child is born’

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Find warmth, light and support under the soulful guidance of Nikita Louise on a Tuesday evening at Happy Pants. 

Discovering yoga in 2017, Nikita was in awe of the yoga community and craved a deeper understanding of the magical practice of yoga. 

Through movement, music, meditation and new friendships Nikita’s journey of self-discovery truly started, leading her to an organic passion that she now practices daily. Recently, Nikita completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with known yoga teacher Georgia Hicks. Living in Tyabb, Nikita is excited to be teaching yoga in her home town. 

Nikita will fulfill your Tuesdays with a connected and insightful vinyasa flow.

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Sarah first practiced yoga to strengthen her body and to be able to practice meditation. From there, she learnt to be still in meditation and how to breathe with slow movement.

Sarah found herself getting stronger, revitalised and relaxed all in one.

Sarah had the opportunity to do Yoga teacher training with her instructor, she took the opportunity with no second thought, as she wanted the gift with as many people as possible.

Yoga is a love and strength relationship within the body, the mind and the breath. With Sarah, you will gain a relationship of awareness and connection through the pathway meridians within.

You’ll gain awareness of slowing the mind down while having a deep connection with the flow of the breath. Moving through each pose slowly is how her students build strength not stress in the body. Sarah aims to encourage growth spiritually and physically, all in your own time.

 She encourages her students to listen to their own body making any adjustments to feel comfortable through the movements.

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Sharon Raine is a Certified Crystal, Sound, and Reiki practitioner.  She is trained in Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness and works particularly with kids and teens.  Her work includes working with those with special needs and mental health issues. Sharon is a mother of 4 and facilitates regular yoga classes and workshops at various locations across the Peninsula, supporting both adults and children in improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

She runs regular sound baths throughout the Mornington Peninsula in addition to offering private sound massage, reiki healing sessions and facilitates in-school wellbeing programs.

Sharon is now running monthly soundbath workshops at Happy Pants.

Monday 27 May - Monday 24 June - Monday 29 July - Monday 26 August - Monday 23 September   Monday 28 October - Monday 25 November  - Monday 16 December

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‘Stillness is also inner peace and that stillness and peace are the essence of your being’ - Ekhart Tolle.

Classes with Julie are an introduction to the world of yoga. Julie includes intervals of stillness and an opportunity to gaze inward towards peace. She believes the benefits of yoga are available to everyone.

Julie’s yoga journey began after spending the past 8 years teaching Body Balance which is a Tai Chi, yoga, pilates based program. She felt so drawn to the yoga philosophy that in 2017 she embarked on a 350 hour yoga teacher training course at the Australian Yoga Academy in Prahran.

Your level of fitness and flexibility or age are no barrier to enjoy the many varied benefits of a yoga practice. Julie’s gentle and nurturing style is suitable for beginners or those who prefer to move slowly and mindfully.

Julie looks forward to continuing her own yoga journey, adding more training in the near future.

Julie would love you BEING in her yoga class.

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Deb's Yoga teaching style reflects her 15 year dedicated practice of Iyengar yoga. 

Attention to alignment, breath and awareness are the qualities any student, beginner or experienced, able bodied or not, will encounter during her classes. 

You will find a welcoming, supportive teacher who will challenge you in just the right way and work with your body to find strength and flexibility with ease and grace.

Deb regularly attends Iyengar workshops and classes by senior Iyengar teachers -interstate and worldwide- to enhance her teaching and practice.
Deb is also an experienced pre-natal yoga teacher.

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Simon is a meditation teacher with over 15 years of study within the field. He is the founder and teacher of Relaxation Meditation.

Learn to meditate, increase self-awareness, bring more peace, inspiration, and joy into your life Thursday evenings at Happy Pants Studio.

Simon’s teaching style is relaxed and enjoyable as he provides an uplifting space for students to support their own practice.

Simon believes in experiential learning with a focus on self-empowerment. 

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